Treversata delle Dolomiti. Trekking organizzato da Alpotel Venezia MolvenoThe Dolomites of Brenta

The summits of Dolomites of Brenta are beautiful and breath taking and they overlook Molveno Lake. They are considered Unesco World Heritage. The Dolomites of Brenta are one of the widest and wonderful dolomitic groups, which represent one of the destination of travels and a paradise of excursions and alpinism.                        trekkinh nelle dolomiti organizzato da Alpotel Venezia Molveno


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The Dolomites, which are famous all around the world for the wonderful shape of their summits, overlook with their speaks for centuries to the blue of the sky.
At the foot of the rocks, the green meadows are pastures for chamois, deers and roe deers but also for badgers and marmots, which have lived for many years in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park.



The brown bear

The brown bear lives also in these mountains and in the boundless blue sky, you can see the majestic eagles fly. Many paths are at disposal of the excursionists from a valley to another passing through the ancient alpine refuges.


Val d'ambiez dolomiti Molveno. Organizza Alpotel Venezia Molveno

“The Bocchette
and the Campanil Bass”

Vie delle Bocchette and the rock tower of Campanil Bass, which overlooks and watches over the small town of Molveno are very ancient.

Some wonderful excursions are organised many times during the week following the desires and the requests of the customers. Paolo will guide you along the particularly beautiful paths; you will discover and admire the flowers, the plants and the animals of this land.


       Escursioni nelle dolomiti con Daniele e Ringhio. Alpotel Venezia, hotel sul Lago di Molveno


Pascoli, natura, dolomiti attorno al lago di Molveno