Alpotel Venezia - Hotel - Molveno -Lago di Molveno - Dolomiti - Trentino

HOTEL on Molveno Lake
In Trentino

Nothing is nondescript, and everything has a particular fascination here in Molveno. The sun of the afternoon or the moon during the night can be the elements, which colour the waves of this lake that is blue in the sky as the silver. The scent of water, of wood and of sky and the silent, which goes with the flow of the torrents’ waters, or the unexpected rustling of the leafy branches in the wind, everything can do this effect. It will be all this: there is a magic atmosphere in Molveno, a feeling of a recovered wellness, a resurfacing of lost emotions, something which affects you inside and which persuades you to remain and to return in Molveno. We are waiting for you in our Hotel on Molveno Lake, in Trentino, in order to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Alpotel Venezia Molveno ALPOTEL VENEZIA MOLVENO DOLOMITI dolomiti


Molveno, Riviera of Dolomites, Trentino.

Living a holiday on Molveno Lake, in the heart of Dolomites of Brenta means tasting the morning fizzy air, listening to the noise of the silent steps  during a walking on the meadows near the lake or in the wood during the spring, the summer and the autumn, allowing oneself a wellness’s rest, filling with pleasure the palate thanks to unique flavours, the hearing thanks to the wind of Dolomites and the flow of the lake’s waves, and the eyes thanks to the best shows of the nature. Let the dawns and the sunsets with their unforgettable colours fill your soul and cover your senses with astonishment…


The pleasant memories of those moments, which are indelible in the heart.
Our wish is giving you some memories regarding Molveno and this Hotel.

Welcome in Alpotel Venezia in Molveno, it is ideal for a holiday on Molveno Lake in Trentino, which is characterized by relax and wellness from every point of view. Molveno Card.Hotel Alpotel Venezia Molveno - Lago di Molveno -Dolomiti - Trentino

Paolo and Renata Donini
are waiting
for you in order

to welcome you kindly
in Alpotel Venezia in Molveno.



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