Alpotel Venezia festa campestre alla casa del nonno. Molveno dolomiti trentino.

The story of Alpotel Venezia in Molveno

The Alpotel Venezia is run from Doninis since 1957, the year of the housewarming. The hotel was realised starting from the private house of the grandfather Bernardino, and it is often called only “Venezia.” The grandmother Vittoria, who was a hotelkeeper since 1936, wanted this name. Many years of experience with welcome, hospitality and refreshment follow one another and now we put all these elements at your disposal in order to make you live the best holiday.

Feste all'Hotel Venezia ora Alpotel Molveno al Lago dolomiti trentinoFesta all'Alpotel Venezia di Molveno. Trentino Lago Dolomiti 

Galopada dei Bei Alpotel Venezia Hotel Molveno Settembre 1976

 In a warm and family atmosphere

Simplicity, courtesy, accessibility and a warm and familiar atmosphere make this hotel the ideal destination in order to spend a calm and relaxant holiday between the lake and the Dolomites, between the life on the beach and the trekking in the mountain.




The Masadega by NEMBIA LAKE

The small cottage, which was realised near the huge  rock on the quiet and romantic small Nembia lake is now property of the Doninis and it is already an highly valued and amusing destination for the excursions of our guests before its restoration too.

La masadega dell'Alpotel Venezia al lago di Nembia. San Lorenzo Dolomiti Trentino

The small house with the beautiful meadow is situated into an enchanting place, which is part of Adamello Brenta Nature Park, Place of Community Interest and WWF Oase at the same time.

During the next summer, thanks to the restoration, we hope to offer you a complete and comfortable service but always with the syntony and the respect of this place that is remained wonderfully uncontaminated.   


Alpotel Venezia Molveno. Nembia Dolomiti Trentino Lago di Molveno