Magiche dolomiti, Molveno da signo, Alpotel Venezia Trentino DolomitiDolomiti di Brenta magiche dolomiti Hotel venezia

Dolomiti Walking Hotel:
The emotion of an excursion

We want to pass on you the passion for the mountain and to show you the path in search of the Dolomites in their own different aspects. We know that every season and every day there is something to discover, to learn and to live. 




Dolomiti di Brenta Sentiero Palmieri Alpotel Venezia MolvenoSentiero Palmieri Dolomiti di Brenta Alpotel Venezia Molveno Trentino Dolomiti

Also during a short stay,
we work in order to:

  • Guide you during a travel in search of the most authentic Trentino with the hospitality of  people and the richness of natural resources, for example: the alpine lakes, the high pastures, the torrents, the peaks and the hanging glaciers.

  • Become the point of reference in order to discover the traditions and the culture of Trentino.

  • Make you live an absorbing experience during the life of a mountain community.

  • Make you taste the typical cookery of Trentino, the delicacies and the local products.

  • Give you the equipment, the maps and the information about the places which you can visit in high mountain or through the near woods.

Dolomiti magiche. Escursione organizzata dall'Alpotel Venezia