Cantina vini e degustazioni dell'Alpotel Venezia di Molveno. Hotel Dolomiti TrentinaOur cellarAlpotel Venezia di Molveno. Cantina dell'Hotel. Dolomiti Trentino

In our cellar, you will have the possibility to discover the tastes of Dolomites together with us: the honey, the jams, the marmalades, the cheeses and the salamis.



On our table, you will find many products, which little craftsmen and local farmers produce and kindly grow thanks to their own passion for the good and genuine elements. In addition, you can taste the charming flavours of the food-and-wine tradition of the people of Trentino.




Vini e formaggi nella cantina dell'Alpotel Venezia Dolomiti TrentinoThe passion for the gastronomy of our zones

Paolo, who is passionately fond of mountain and local gastronomy, will match our best cheeses and the finest salamis with a good glass of wine. He guides you in search of the traditional tastes. He is convinced that a good glass of wine in company is a prelude of new and lasting friendships.

Alpotel Venezia Molveno. Hotel con cantina per degustare vini, speck e formaggi.